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ATS4u technology, RFID solution provider in India , RFID/IoT/Industry4.0. asset management and tracking system

Our Story

ATS4u Technologies is a new generation technology company, we offer IoT, Industry4.0, RFID and Barcode based solutions which are customized and aligned with the current technological advancements. We are based in Pune and Bangalore, INDIA.  Our expertise is in the supply chain automation and system integration. And we are engaged in the same field for more than a decade. Our target businesses verticals are like Manufacturing, Mining(Steel/Cement/iron-Ore), Production, FMCG, Chemicals, Pharmaceutical, Retail, E-commerce, Warehouse, Transportation &  logistics, healthcare, Public sector, Smart-cities, School & college campus, and other similar industries for better visibility, improve production, improve service & product quality, reduce manual dependency etc.

ATS4u Technologies is a leading RFID solutions provider in India and we provide solutions such as,

  • RFID solutions for Mining sector.
  • RFID solutions for Manufacturing sector.
  • RFID solutions for Healthcare sector.
  • RFID solutions for Retail sector. 
  • RFID solutions for Warehouse,
  • RFID solutions for Transportation & Logistics
  • RFID solutions for Cement Plants, steel plant and paper plant
  • RFID solutions for Production sector
  • RFID solutions for Library, Schools and colleges
  • RFID solutions for smart cities.
Different products we offer are, 
  • Inventory Tracking System
  • Asset tracking system
  • Forklift tracking system
  • Vehicle tracking system
  • Weighbridge automation
  • Warehouse management system
  • Patient tracking system
  • File tracking system
  • Jewelry tracking system 
  • Laptop tracking system
  • Laundry tracking system.
  • GPS tracking system.
  • Garbage tracking system

Please connect us for your automation requirements. We are available for RFID/IoT solutions, consultations and will be responsible for through out your project completion. We provide innovative, cost effective, technology based solutions to meet present business needs. And setting the foundation to meet tomorrow’s evolution of technology.

Digitization is to make your life easy and your processes easier.

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