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Laptop Tracking

RFID solutions for laptop tracking

RFID solutions for laptop tracking-

A laptop is very important asset for the company. In this modernized world where everything is digitalized,  laptop is a kind of mini form of business that has critical, sensitive and highly confidential information. Therefore, misuse and misplacement of the same can bring heavy cost on future of business.

Concerns emerge when an asset is susceptible to movement, laptop has to come in-out of office on a daily basis, which has a risk of theft, misuse or misplacement. It is important that a person carrying a laptop is authorized. Over the years, many laptop tracking systems came but they had one or another drawback such as manual error, wastage of time or high maintenance cost. ATS4u Technology ensures you will receive a solution as per your concerns. As a leading custom RFID solution provider in India, we are ready for any challenges.

RFID can track asset as well as the person who is carrying it so that his/her authority can also be checked.

All we needed here is an automated device which will ensure “Right Asset, Right Person”.

So how it is done?

  • Each laptop has an RFID tag which is inseparable.
  • Tag contains all the details into a memory chip.
  • The database contains all the information like purchase details, warranty, color, permitted movement.
  • Each entrance of the organization has a local RFID portal (setup).
  • Reader records the details in the database when passed by.
  • All the situations are recorded such as,
  • Valid laptop + valid-user
  • Valid laptop + invalid user
  • Invalid laptop + valid-user
  • Invalid laptop + Invalid user
  • Valid user only
  • Invalid user only
  • Real-time alerts are generated through an alarm, light indication, mobile and email notification


RFID solutions for laptop tracking
  • Tracking and monitoring laptop.
  • Identification of authorized and unauthorized personnel.
  • Access to historical data.
  • Inventory maintaining.
  • Safety of assets and sensitive data it carries.
  • Real-time alerts.

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