Jewellery tracking System

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Jwellery Tracking System

Importance of RFID in Jewelry tracking system – The jewelry sector has always dealt with loss due to burglary, theft, shoplifting and misplacement. Across jewelry stores, tracking and visibility have been largely manual processes that are time-consuming and prone to errors. Frequent theft further adds to the financial pressures as even small material losses translate into high-value losses. They had to deal with tiny and expensive products such as diamonds and stones. Every item has different types, sizes, material and prices therefore having its accurate inventory and knowing the exact position is very difficult, hectic and time-consuming.

Implementation of RFID in the jewellery sector has overcome many hurdles for the industry and made the process of tracking and tracing very easy and quick. ATS4u’s jewellery tracking system ensures real-time tracking and positioning of every piece of jewellery very efficiently.

Working of the process is,
  1. RFID tags are attached to each item of jewelry
  2. This tag consists of all relevant information such as identification name or no., delivery details, type etc.
  3. At every stage, inventory is taken by a handheld device.
  4. Alarm or signals are given in emergencies.
  5. All the data are saved digitally.
Benefits for jewelry tracking system are,
  1. Constant updating of inventory.
  2. Security of valuable items.
  3. Facilitates billing and saves time of waiting.
  4. Better traceability.
  5. Identification and locating items faster
  6. Accuracy and transparency in the process.
  7. Reduce human interference and so errors.
  8. Track inventory movement.