Laundry Tracking System

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Laundry Tracking System

RFID Laundry tracking system – Laundry tracking is one of the concerns for the hotel sectors, restaurants, hospitals, corporates, and laundry stores. Tracking every piece of clothing at every stage of the process is way tedious than you assume. Just imagine the consequences of losing or misplacing one handkerchief daily. This can affect your customer relations and hence business growth in the long run.

Laundry industries face a lot of challenges such as theft, misplacement. Locating a particular item, inventory, delayed or wrong delivery, manual error, wasting lots of time at each stage.

ATS4u has exactly what you need. We have advanced methodology, techniques, hands-on technologies, and innovative ways of working. ATS4u’s laundry tracking system provides you with an automated process of end-to-end tracking and identification of each and every stage of laundry processing. From the collection, dying, washing, dry cleaning, to final dispatch.

Working of the process is,
  1. RFID tags are attached to each item of clothing.
  2. This tag consists of all relevant information such as identification name or no., client details, delivery details, type of cleaning etc.
  3. At every stage, inventory is taken by a handheld device.
  4. Alarm or signals are given.
  5. All the data are saved digitally.

ATS4u’s laundry tracking system helps in tracking, tracing, and taking a quick inventory of laundry using RFID tags. These tags are designed by taking into account harsh environments and processes. It has to go through washing with soap water, heat, chemical treatments, aggressive swirling, etc. These tags can be read within a few meters by using handheld readers or an RFID reader tunnel.

Benefits of RFID-based laundry tracking system.
  1. Reduce manual laundry sorting.
  2. Provide accurate data for washing records.
  3. Transparency and traceability
  4. Quick and easy inventory.
  5. Reduce loss by preventing theft and misplacement.
  6. Accurate check-in and check-out system.