Patient Tracking System

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Patient Tracking System

RFID based Patient tracking system is most needed for today’s generation hospitals. Understanding the fact that the hospital is the only place where each and every second of time is important and that cannot be wasted in manually handled processes. RFID enabled patient tracking system improves services, reduces the time consumed and off Corse huge amount of error and mistakes are reduced.

ATS4u’s is a leading RFID based solution provider In India. Our patient tracking system allows you to access real-time location and medical status of every patient. We also Provide RFID solutions for healthcare sector. Our working style is,

  1. Patients have to wear an RFID tag in the form of a bracelet or ID card.
  2. This tag consists of relevant patient information such as name, medical records, current conditions, test results, medications etc.
  3. Reader is placed at different locations in facilities.
  4. Reader reads the tags when the patient comes near it.
  5. All the data entries are saved on the server.
  6. Upon discharge of the patient, tags are collected back and renewed for another patient.

Hospitals undergo pressure every day due to the high flow of patients and emergencies. Sometimes patients have to wait for a long time, sometimes due to error or misplacement of reports, tests have to be carried out again which leads to a wastage of time and energy. Just imagine a minute error or delay in certain manual processes in case of an emergency. This small inconvenience and errors can affect the reputation of hospitals very badly that will lead to unsatisfied customers.

ATS4u’s patient tracking system is ideal and conceptualized especially by taking into account these issues. Our processes, modern working style, software, equipment are clearly defined for solving your issue. 

Benefits of RFID based Patient Tracking System Are,

  1. Quick and in-time tracking of patient in the hospital
  2. Safety for the patients
  3. Tracking of patient medical data.
  4. No waste of time and energy in an emergency.
  5. Better tracking of treatment of the patient.
  6. Easy to plan and schedule appointments and treatments
  7. Tracking patient flow in the hospital.
  8. Cybersecurity.