Weighbridge Automation System

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Weighbridge Automation System

RFID Weighbridge automation is the latest methodology adopted by the manufacturing sector and profoundly in the mining sector. Introduction of weighbridge automation ensured imprecise measurement of weighments which prevent immense loss of products and avoided huge error.

ATS4u technologies are known for deep understanding of the problem and offering a custom solutions. Our RFID based weighbridge automation system uses modern technologies and machines that make it possible to track in-out trucks, along with several other efficient features such as,

  1. LED display
  2. RFID reader
  3. Boom barrier
  4. CCTV camera
  5. Position sensor
  6. Software application

ATS4u technologies have conceptualized a fast, accurate, and efficient process that is independent, totally unmanned. It increases throughputs and reduces operation cost and time thus leads to the growth of the business to new heights.

Getting accurate weights of weighments is very essential to track supply chain production. Just think of the astonishing loss the company go through at each stage of weighing due to a minute manual error and slow processing. Weighbridge suffers from errors due to unstable weights, time consumption due to manual registration process, the authority of trucks and drivers, problems due to wrong weighments on wrong truck, theft and misplacement issues. It’s a tricky task because repetitive loss and error can bring misunderstanding and bad impressions between suppliers and clients, which will badly affect the company.

ATS4u’s RFID Weighbridge automation system is ideal and conceptualized especially by taking into account these issues. Our processes, modern working style, software, equipment are clearly defined for solving your issue.

Benefits for weighbridge automation system are,
  1. Reduce time and energy wasted during the manual registration process.
  2. Reduce manual error.
  3. Exact and accurate weights.
  4. Traceability and transparency.
  5. Authorization of driver and trucks are done
  6. Tracking of truck within the facility.
  7. Ensure the right material loaded on the right truck.