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How RFID helps for the Mining sector?

RFID solutions for mining

RFID/IoT is recently being exercised in the Mining Industry, One of the appealing and challenging fields in the market. For the growth and globalization of the Industry, RFID is seemed to be the golden step.

As a leading RFID/IoT solution provider In India we, ATS4u Technologies always strive for the prosperity of our customers, So that they can overachieve their targets and set new milestones for their success and business growth.

The mining industry is filled with immense challenges and going ahead tackling those subsided the speed of growth. Few challenges in mining industries are,

  • Lower visibility
  • Materials piled up and moved from one place to another without a record
  • Transparency
  • Manual dependency
  • Safety
  • Security
  • Locating employee in such a wide area
  • Loss of important information about machinery and equipment.
  • Tracking information about the operation
  • Tracking of raw material
  • Error in records and inventory
RFID solutions for mining

So what’s the solution over all these issues?

The answer is RFID/IoT/Industry4.0. To address these issues, ATS4u proposed a radio frequency identification (RFID) system. We provide custom solutions in the mining sector, such as vehicle tracking, personnel tracking, mining operation and machinery tracking, raw material tracking, which helps to track the location of the truck, which improves the A to Z process from client to customer. The project benefits in the areas of (Safety, Productivity, Efficiency to Ensure customer Delight), focused on the safety and security of truckers and other employees; increasing efficiencies and productivity; and ensuring customer satisfaction through better order-to-delivery compliance.

Benefits of RFID:

  • RFID makes mining operation more safe, secure, and efficient.
  • Employee tracking, so that every individual can be tracked in real-time in case of emergency.
  • Enhanced transparency and control.
  • 100% accuracy.
  • Reduced time of working.
  • Real-time alerts.
  • Vehicle tracking.
  • Quick errorless inventory.
  • Data on equipment and machinery about the warranty, servicing, renting, location, etc.
  • Tracking raw material.
  • Tracking operations.
  • Low manual dependency.

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