Inventory Tracking System

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Inventory Tracking System

RFID Inventory tracking system, One emerging technology that has received a lot of attention with the potential to revolutionize the inventory management industry is radio-frequency identification (RFID). Managing inventory is a very hectic and time-consuming job, a minute error in each step can accumulate together to become a huge loss for the company. Inventory is an essential process needs to be carried out at every stage for the purpose of tracking and tracing, it ensures transparency and traceability of the process. Few associated processes are production, warehouse, distribution centers, facilities and shops.

ATS4u technologies has conceptualized a fast, accurate and efficient process that is independent, less manual interference and real quick. It increases throughputs and reduces operation cost and time thus leads to the growth of the business to new heights. Having help from ATS4u’s RFID inventory tracking system for this hectic process can really reduce the time consumed as well as errors.

ATS4u technologies is known for deep understanding of the problem and offering custom solutions. Our inventory tracking system makes it possible to take real quick inventory, along with several other efficient features such as,

  1. It does not require line of sight.
  2. Warehouse and In-transit tracking.
  3. Prioritized pick-up list
  4. Order management.
  5. All the entries are saved for later observation.

The use of RFID for inventory management requires a scanner that uses radio waves to communicate with an RFID tag. The tag itself contains a microchip that allows the reader to read data and also write data to the tag for real-time updating in place. Each tag is wrapped in a material like plastic or paper for protection and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces for tracking. Most tags used for inventory tracking are passive RFID tags, meaning they contain no battery and are powered by the waves from the readers.  Active tags are powered, come at a higher cost, and are used for long-range tracking of machineries such as trucks and railway cars.

Benefits for inventory tracking system are,

  1. Identification and locating items faster
  2. Accuracy and transparency in the process.
  3. Reduce human interference and so errors.
  4. Track inventory movement.