RFID & IoT for Mining

RFID solutions For Mining
Mining is an important economic activity in the growth of any Country. Traditionally mining has been viewed as a labor-intensive operation. Developments in technology have not only improved the mining standards but have also led to the mining fraternity in harnessing the power of Information Technology to monitor and control the production and transportation processes.Productive mine sites work 24 hours-a-day, are highly scrutinized for safety, and deal with shipments worth millions of dollars. The slightest mistake, accident or inefficiency can have massive repercussions for mine workers and the mining company. That’s why leading mining firms around the world are turning to RFID systems to ensure their operations are safe, secure and more efficient.

It is always the production of the stakeholders of mining to have accurate information regarding the production and transport of ore for either domestic or export purposes. In this view, various technologies have been utilized in the past to minimize manual intervention in the data collection process and thereby eliminate potential causes of human errors leading to improper accounting.

ATS4u technologies has conceptualized a fast, accurate and efficient process that is independent, less manual interference and real quick. It increases throughputs and reduces operation cost and time thus leads to the growth of the business to new heights. Having help from ATS4u’s RFID inventory tracking system for this hectic process can really reduce the time consumed as well as errors.

Mining is a complex business, companies use heavy machinery for their operations, which stretch from pit to port, and manage a workforce ranging from miners to executives. Consequently, the mining industry faces many challenges including fluctuating prices, demand volatility, falling productivity and hazardous conditions. Constantly on the lookout for ways to increase productivity, profitability, and safety, mining companies are turning to technology to solve some of their problems. And this is where the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies are coming in useful. As the population continues to grow, there is increased pressure on the mining industry. Currently, 3.11 million pounds of minerals, metals and fuel are required by each person in their lifetime. The expectation for the next decade is that the Internet of Things will be used throughout the trade. The idea is that sensors generate a huge amount of raw data that is analyzed in real time and translated into recommendable actions for equipment operators.

There are two key reasons for this to improve performance and boost productivity, while eliminating unnecessary costs and waste, and being able to anticipate machinery failures. Known as the Industrial Internet of Things, factories and plants are seen covering their machinery with smarter, cheaper and smaller internet-connected sensors. So far, miners have recognized a number of important benefits which have occurred as a result.