RFID & IoT for ETC and FasTag

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ETC stands for electronic toll collection, It is the system used for automatic collection of toll fare from the bank account as vehicle passes. RFID & IoT for ETC /FasTag is a technological advancement in the toll system.

FasTag is an ETC (electronic toll collection) system adopted by India and recently made mandatory, It is operated by NHAI i.e National Highway Authority Of India. This tag can be purchased from an official tag issuer or any participating banks. The bank account is connected to this tag which is top-up or recharged as per requirements.

To describe the ETC system technically, let’s understand the concept behind it,  ETC system uses radio frequency to establish communication between RFID tag on vehicle and Reader at the toll plaza gate.

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Now lets understand process of working.
  1. RFID tag is affixed on a vehicle windscreen
  2. When the vehicle is passed through the toll plaza, reader reads the tag.
  3. The amount is directly deducted from bank account.

ETC is replacing the toll booths in India since 2014 and now in 2019, the use of FasTag has made mandatory and proved to be a better, faster and simpler alternative to toll booths.

Traditional old toll booths had many issues, such as manual error is processed, which took a lot of time for the same which resulted in heavy traffic at the toll plaza to the extent that sometimes wait time would exceed an hour. Manual error, unavailability of cash, or change money, rude and frustrated public behavior made all the process burdensome.

There are 4 major components of ETC are Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI), Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC), Violation Enforcement System (VES) and Transaction Processing. These components make sure the ETC system works effortlessly and bring comfort to the public.

Advantages of ETC
  1. Reduce traffic and wait time
  2. No waiting or stopping at the toll plaza
  3. ETC is cheaper then staffed toll booths
  4. No manual error
  5. Accuracy and reliability
  6. Collection of necessary data
  7. No-fuss on cash and change money
  8. Save time
  9. Web portals for customer