RFID & IoT for Fleet and Logistics

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Presenting a article which shows importance of RFID & IoT for Fleet and Logistics. Fleet management deals with commercial motor vehicles, private vehicles, aviation machinery, airplanes, helicopters, ships, rails, shipping containers, trailers, excavators, dumpsters, gearboxes, etc. The main processes of this sector are vehicle leasing, maintaining, licensing, financing and compliance, supply chain management etc.

RFID is the latest technology that has immense applications in every possible sector and fleet management is one of those. Having such huge and demanding processes, adopting RFID technology makes it lot more easier.

Fleet Management industry uses RFID technology for vehicle tracking, employee tracking, shipment tracking. Whatever the transportation mode is, be it a car or a plane, each and every shipment details can be tracked, such as time, location, delivery status. RFID & IoT for Fleet and Logistics is an emerging technology.

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Process of working is,

  1. RFID tag is placed on vehicle
  2. Tag contains data such as location details, delivery status etc.

Along with vehicles, driver details can also be tracked, therefore only the authorized vehicle operator can able to operate the particular vehicle. Also, it can collect driver’s behavioral data, such as obedience towards rules of the road, speed rules, if they are wearing seatbelts or not, etc. And gives alert upon outside hour usage of the vehicle.

Problems of fleet management sector which can be covered upon using RFID technology.
  1. Lack of information related to vehicle and driver
  2. Safety and security issue
  3. Unsurety of data
  4. Manual errors
  5. Theft and misplacement
Benefits of RFID for Fleet management sector,
  1. Safety and security of vehicle and driver
  2. Real-time tracking of shipment
  3. Increase in profit
  4. Reduce manual error
  5. Route planning and reduce traveling time and cost
  6. Inventory control
  7. Accuracy and reliability
  8. Driver tracking, authorization, accountability, safety and efficiency
  9. Track content of truck, delivery route, storage requirements of products.