RFID & IoT for Healthcare

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RFID & IoT for Healthcare : RFID Technology has reached to every crossing of business, name any business and you will find them implementing, Healthcare sector is not falling behind in this race, it has already recognized the potential of RFID Technology and had accepted and implemented it.

The term “Internet of Things (IoT)” is used to cover various aspects related to the extension of the Internet and the Web into the physical realm, by means of the prevalent deployment of spatially distributed devices with embedded identification, sensing, and/or actuation capabilities. IoT envisages a future in which digital and physical entities can be linked, by means of appropriate information and communication technologies, to enable a whole new class of applications and services Adopting RFID Technology for the healthcare system has proven that achievements can be achieved faster and opened for new milestones, therefore ATS4u Technology brings to you, custom solutions on healthcare sector tracking issues. We are leading solution provider in RFID/IoT Industry4.0 and highly expertise in the healthcare system.

Healthcare system has been facing several challenges due to lack of RFID/IoT Industry4.0 such as:

  • Manual error in the process
  • Time waste in different process
  • Unable to track and record data regarding
    • Assets
    • Machinery
    • Equipment
    • Patient
    • Bed linen and uniform
  • Organizational process tracking
  • Patient safety and security
  • Privacy concern
  • Medication authentication control
  • Medical waste management

Another promising aspect of this technology is to gather medical information management and mainly used while sample recognition, and medical record identification. RFID is playing a key role in rare conditions; in case of large number of causalities with the help of RFID technology rapid identification can be determined such as name, age, blood type, emergency contact, and previous medical history of the patient.

The only way out of these challenges is RFID tracking solutions. We provide RFID solutions which will give you the following benefits:

  • Improved data accuracy
  • Track data for healthcare supply chains
  • Reduce time spent on the process by human
  • Accurate inventory
  • Patient care and experience
  • Asset tracking such as
  • Medication-related tracking
  • Laundry tracking
  • Supply chain effectiveness
  • Medical waste tracking.