RFID & IoT for Port’s & ICD’s

RFID solutions for port's ICD's

RFID solutions for port’s ICD’s – The most popular way to transport large amounts of cargo is to use shipping containers. Container transports are oftentimes chosen as they ensure safe and secured transportation, low costs, standard packaging, and high transport density. Companies that use RFID in tracking and managing of shipping containers are able to track containers in each link of the supply chain. Active RFID Tags can be used to track containers in real-time in yards and docks. The ultra-high frequency RFID technology has long identification distance and speeds up identification.

ATS4u technologies has conceptualized a fast, accurate and efficient process that is independent, less manual interference and real quick. It increases throughputs and reduces operation cost and time thus leads to the growth of the business to new heights. Having help from ATS4u’s RFID inventory tracking system for this hectic process can really reduce the time consumed as well as errors.

ATS4u technologies is known for deep understanding of the problem and offering custom solutions. RFID based container management and tracking:

  • Visibility of real-time data.
  • Improves efficiency
  • Increase accuracy
  • Live updates
  • Container Tracking
  • Gate automation