RFID & IoT for Retail

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The retail sector is a key linking chain between consumer and producer therefore it is supposed to be at its best. It is a very competitive industry and prone to continuous changes, therefore in order to succeed, one must always be on their feet. And RFID solutions for retail is one of the latest and major answer to all the challenges.

RFID is a technology based on the concept of communication through radio wave frequency. This is emerging but not a new technology, still at a developing stage, having huge scope in all the sectors of business. It has already won the race over so many sectors and provided them with so many benefits which leads them to achieve success and to state new milestones.

How does RFID helps in Retail Sector?
  1. RFID tag is attached to the product
  2. Each tag has a unique code that carries information.
  3. The reader transmits a radio signal to tag when the tag comes into its proximity
  4. RFID tag receives the signal and sends feedback.
  5. The reader identifies the signal and passed on to the electronic device.
  6. Sends real-time alert if required

ATS4u Technology has been constantly providing a custom solution to the retail industry and all other sectors. We are one of the leading solution providers in RFID/IoT/Industry 4.0. along with RFID, few other latest technologies we are using are, BLE, LoRa, GPS, ZigBee, AI, RTLS, Mesh etc. We ensure customer satisfaction and promise that their business will grow to new heights.

These are the major challenges RFID faces that can be overcome with the use of RFID.

  1. Theft and misplacement issues
  2. Time wastage in finding or locating products
  3. Managing inventory and stock
  4. Customer satisfaction and transparency
  5. Accurate product availability

RFID technology has so much to offer to the retail sector, they bring in clarity, simplicity and increase transparency at every stage of the process which makes it really easy. It reduces human intervention and error. With all these benefits, it’s understandable why the retail sector has accepted and implemented RFID.

Lets go through the benefits of RFID in Retail sector.

  1. Product tracking.
  2. Prevent theft and misplacement
  3. Saves time
  4. Supply chain management
  5. Pallet and container tracking
  6. Real-time stock management
  7. Automated checkouts
  8. Cashless payments
  9. Security