RFID & IoT for School And Colleges

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RFID solutions School & Colleges is being implemented in today’s education sector. Recently RFID / IoT / Industry 4.0 is being part of all the known sectors which is helping them to outgrow and acheive the dream targets. School and colleges are the only places where future generation is being nurtured therefore it is very much in need of modernization.

Modern issues need modern solutions; therefore, we have a list of the latest technology such as AI, RFID, GPS, IoT, ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, Mesh to bring revolutionary changes in the educational sector. Implementation of RFID brings in efficiency, transparency, safety and security in the process which leads to gaining the trust of parents in the schooling system. Nowadays, every school, college is seeking out for new and new methodologies which will ensure accuracy, readability & reliability of all the processes going out in the premises. RFID solutions for School & college allows the school and parents to monitor and track every student’s entry/exit from school, so that there will be no more waste of Time in manual attendance system and teachers can commence their classes without any hustle.

These are the possible solutions of RFID for schools are,

  1. RFID library management
  2. Asset tracking system
  3. Attendance system

ATS4u technology is a leading solution provider for RFID/IoT/Industry4.0, and our expertise comes from our inclination towards the understanding of problem and client requirements. Not every question can have the same answer similarly we have custom solutions for every kind of RFID related issue. We provide solution for School and college requirements and customer satisfaction is our major objective.

Issues in school and colleges which can be solved by adopting RFID are

  1. Manual attendance wastes time and energy and increases the error
  2. Unable to track exact entry-exit time of student and staff
  3. Fake attendance of students
  4. Library books are lost or misplaced
  5. Safety and security issues
  6. Gaining the trust of parents is difficult
Benefits of adopting RFID technology
  1. Automated attendance of students
  2. Real-time positioning
  3. Authorized access to certain areas
  4. Library management
  5. Fully secured campus
  6. Data analysis and report
  7. SMS alert system
  8. Time-saving
  9. Reliability and accuracy