RFID & IoT for Security

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The standard guard patrolling systems leverage Radio Frequency ID(RFID) tags as well as readers. Here RFID tags are put at checkpoints. The guards have to read those tags using an assigned RFID reader by an assigned time. Reports can be made at intervals and cross-checked with assigned routes as well as timings. The checkpoints identify and timestamp the guards’ IDs without human intervention as well as dispatch the information to the control unit.

ATS4u technologies has conceptualized a fast, accurate and efficient process that is independent, less manual interference and real quick. It increases throughputs and reduces operation cost and time thus leads to the growth of the business to new heights. Having help from ATS4u’s RFID solutions for security system can really reduce the time consumed as well as errors.

ATS4u technologies is known for deep understanding of the problem and offering custom solutions. Our RFID solutions for security system makes it possible to ensure real security and real-time alerts system, along with several other efficient features

  • Offers visibility of real-time data.
  • Improves efficiency.
  • Increase accuracy.