RFID & IoT for Smart Cities

ATS4u technology, RFID solution provider in India , RFID/IoT/Industry4.0 RFID solutions for smart cities

Smart cities are revolutionary urbanization programmed for the development of cities for making them sustainable, well organized, infrastructural developed and citizen-friendly. RFID solutions for Smart cities are seemed to be essential of today’s world of competition and mode of living.

Building Smart cities means planning the unplanned areas, bringing efficiency using land, flexibility in land use, reducing congestion, air pollution, theft. Increasing security, safety and security. Boosting the economy, developing playgrounds and multipurpose areas, reducing traffic and wait time, in short, enhancing the quality of life. Smart cities phenomena aims in improving the quality of living through enabling the collaborative intelligence among different sources within the city. This work discusses the ability to create such transformation in different smart space applications using the Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

The idea of smart cities can be brought, in effect by using all the latest technology which is efficient enough to provide us with efficiency in living. RFID, GPS, IoT, ZigBee, BLE, LoRa, AI, Mesh are few latest technology which is used for the digital transformation of cities to smart cities.

ATS4u technology is a leading solution provider for RFID/IoT/Industry4.0, and our expertise comes from our inclination towards the understanding of problem and client requirements. Not every question can have the same answer similarly we have custom solutions for every kind of RFID related issue. We provide RFID solutions for smart cities requirements and customer satisfaction is our major objective

Challenges we face due to absence of RFID technology are,
  1. Over congestion
  2. Traffic road
  3. Parking problems
  4. Unplanned urbanization
  5. Pollution
  6. Unplanned garbage managing
  7. Safety and security areas
  8. High crime rates, Cybercrimes
Benefits of RFID technology for smart cities
  1. Safe, convenient, sustainable, urban living
  2. Cybersecurity, decrease in crime rate
  3. Energy efficient
  4. Smart hospital
  5. Smart parking
  6. Garbage tracking
  7. Fuel and resources monitoring
  8. Vehicle tracking
  9. People tracking
  10. Smart passes on events
  11. Visitor passes
  12. CCTV surveillance
  13. Smart traffic signals
  14. Asset tracking
  15. Smart hospital
  16. Smart lighting
  17. Smart governance
  18. Detect natural disasters, explosives.
  19. Smart infrastructure.