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RFID stands for radio frequency identification. It is the latest technology where radio frequency an electromagnetic wave is used to communicate between RFID tag and RFID reader.


Mesh is an IoT communication in which infrastructural radio nodes such as bridges, switches, devices etc are connected to each other in the form of a mesh-like network.


ZigBee is a wireless mesh network standard. It is a language for wireless communication. It is developed for the low cost, low power wireless machine to machine network and IoT networks.


The full form of IoT is the INTERNET OF THINGS. The meaning of the word is exactly the way it sounds. All the Things that are connected to network communicate with each other..


Acronym for RTLS is Real-Time Locating System. This system is used for automated identification and tracking location of any object or people, and the information we receive are real-time.


BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a one-way wireless network communication technology limited to personal area. It is very similar to Wi-Fi and Zigbee .


GPS stands for the global positioning system. It is a navigation system that navigates and determines the position and time of the object, moving or non-moving on the ground with the help of satellites.

Artificial Intelligence

AI stands for artificial intelligence, as the name suggests, AI is a system of the machine which process, and react with human-like intelligence. They think and act humanly and rationally. 


LoRa stands for Long Range. It ia an LPWAN technology which stands for low power wide area network. It is based on chirp spread spectrum (CSS) technology.