BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, which is a one-way wireless network communication technology limited to personal area. It is very similar to Wi-Fi and Zigbee but the only difference is BLE is for short-range and cost is very low. BLE is different from Bluetooth that it does not exchange of high-speed data and require lesser battery at a cheaper cost.

All the operating systems such as IOS, Android, Windows phone, Blackberry, Mac Os, Linux, Windows 8 and Windows 10 support BLE.

BLE uses 2.4 GHz radio frequency and uses 2MHz channels, it allows dual-mode devices to share a single radio antenna but uses a simple modulation system. The data bit rate is 1Mbit/s and the maximum transmit power is 10 mW.

Main features of BLE are

  1. Low power consumption
  2. Maximum peak power is less than 15mA and the average is 1µA.
  3. The device remain in sleep for maximum time and wakes up on when required.
  4. Cost-efficient and compatible
  5. Robustness, security and reliability
  6. Wireless coexistence
  7. 300m connection range up to 10dBm radio chipset
  8. Ease of use and integration.
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