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Mesh is an IoT communication in which infrastructural radio nodes such as bridges, switches, devices etc are connected to each other in the form of a mesh-like network.

Mesh is a group of devices that act as a single network together, therefore it provides better coverage over wide range. These all devices are connected wirelessly and as long as they are in the range they will form a communication network that allows fast efficient routing of data.

It is different from then Wi-Fi network because wifi allows only one to one connection and has a limited area of the network whereas mesh area of coverage can be extended if necessary by adding more devices to it.

Main components of mesh networks are,

  1. Mesh clients: devices such as laptops, cell phones
  2. Mesh routers: They forward traffic to and from gateways.

Benefits of mesh network

  1. Flexible coverage
  2. Works even if one device fails or goes offline
  3. Easy management of networks
  4. Range extensions
  5. Self-configuration