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ZigBee is a wireless mesh network standard. It is a language for wireless communication. It is developed for the low cost, low power wireless machine to machine network and IoT networks. At present, communication data rates are high but still unable to meet the communication standard. This communication needs low latency and low energy consumption even at lower bandwidth.

ZigBee is built on IEEE 802.15.4 standard for control and sensor networks for wireless personal area networks (WPANS) which operates at 868 MHz, 902-928MHz, 2.4 GHz frequency.

ZigBee is less expensive and simpler than Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It also supports different network configurations for different communication.

Application of ZigBee are,

  1. Home automation
  2. Wireless sensor network
  3. Embedded sensing
  4. Industrial control system
  5. Medical data collection
  6. Smoke warning
  7. Theft and intruder warning
  8. Building automation
  9. Microphone configuration